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Yearly Membership Fee

Yearly membership fees include listing your business in the Website Directory, covers administrative costs and entitles you to a lesser fee of $25.00 for lunch.

Part of being a BWNG member includes the opportunity to present your business in one of two ways.


Once per BWNG year (Sept – June) members can apply to be a speaker. As a featured business speaker you will give a presentation that provides value and insight into what you do, what you have learned in business and how you help others. Door prizes are not necessary but always welcome the day you present.

Business Promotion Table:

Members can also apply for a Business Promotion table once per BWNG year. This is an opportunity to showcase your products and services to the group, much like a vendor booth at a Tradeshow. Promoters are asked to provide a door prize (min $25 value) the day of their promotion.

Member Table:

The Member Table allows you to promote you or your business in the manner that best suits reflects your needs, whether it be give-aways, event promotions, flyers, etc.

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Membership for a Single Business is $50.00 per year and allows you to register a single business. Your annual membership is valid from Jan. 31 to Dec 31.

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Membership for Multiple Businesses is $75.00 per year and allows you to register more than one business. Your annual membership is valid from Jan. 31 to Dec 31.

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Corporate Membership is $100.00 per year and allows you to register as a business and alternate between 3 team members when attending BWNG events. Annual membership is valid from Jan. 31 to December 31.

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You must purchase a ticket by noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.

Brant Women’s Networking Group Lunch
(2nd Tuesday of each month excluding July and August)

Meetings Are Held At:
Hampton Inn

20 Fen Ridge Court, Brantford 519-720-0084

Hampton Inn’s luncheon accommodates vegetarian, vegan and gluten free requirements.

Be sure to bring business cards and do some networking before lunch.

Take in the tabletop displays showcasing member businesses.

Registration 11:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Networking Through Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Meeting cost, includes lunch:
Members: $25.00 with Yearly Membership Fee
Non-Members: $30.00