Karen Pugh
Helping Hands kpugh66@gmail.com Joined January 10, 2019
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I am a physiotherapist with 30 years of experience (YIKES! How did THAT happen?!) helping people with neurological conditions and seniors with a variety of issues. I make home visits, and make the treatments fun and focused on what is most important to you. I can help with your strength, flexibility, pain, balance, mobility...I can see you once off for a consultation, a few times to get you ready to go to a physio clinic, or for more intense rehabilitation. As an ADP authorizer I can help you get funding for a walker. If you've had a fall or "close call", recent illness or surgery, just had your hip or knee replaced, have had a stroke or MS or Parkinsons...give me a call! I can help! In addition, I am a Voxxlife practitioner, so I am even MORE able to help you with pain, balance and strength issues. Voxxlife products can also greatly help your sleep, concentration, anxiety and immunity. Please give me a call and we can get you started on a path to wellness!

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Helping Hands In-Home Physiotherapy

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149 Dufferin Ave.

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