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Esther Shelley Joined October 16, 2018
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Hey everyone! I was a stay-at-home mom when BIE showed up in my life. Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination! My son (oldest with autism) had a ton of allergies. A BIE practitioner helped him and within 24 hrs his itchy hivey, eyes swelled shut, asthma reaction was eye-poppingly gone! (is that a word?) So guess what I did? Yup, I became a BIE practitioner, started my business in 2006! About 2009 I developed an interest in acupuncture and got that under my belt, too. You'd think I'd know when to stop, right? Sigh, not happening this side of the grave, ladies! LOL! I took all my experiences in business, my frustrations as a biz woman who didn't like the options for marketing out there (too expensive, global-oriented price tag programs dumbed down for the local professional via geo-targeting) and decided to make my own program based on relationship-oriented networking, and then help business grow from there, so now, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am also a small business coach! Please join my facebook groups, Networking Magic Brantford. It encapsulates a free training on refining your language for networking, preparing for networking rather than pitching! Would love to see you in there! See you at the next BWNG Meeting! Let's rock this, folks!

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