Jen Moyer Joined October 7, 2018
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Bio Jen Moyer Personal Trainer and Mobility Specialist She is a daughter, mother, grandmother and friend to many. In 2014 both of Jen’s parents lost their Mobility. Her mom through a stroke and her dad through a very rare condition called “Charcot Foot”. She also suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease which causes a Neuropathy (numbness) in her big toes. In August 2015 Jen was introduced to a brand new technology that her friend Terry felt her clients would benefit from. Proven to reduce the risk of falling by up to 8X’s, Jen was intrigued. Her findings are extraordinary. Not only does it help with balance, stability and range of motion, it is a drug free, non invasive, non electrical option for natural pain relief. In December 2016, after seeing and living with incredible results, Jen is committed to sharing VoxxLife HPT with her clients and speaking at Retirement Homes cross North America about reducing the risk of falling. Her presentations include: - Fall statistics (the hard facts) - Ways to reduce falls through exercise - VoxxLife HPT technology SAVE OUR SENIORS!! 💕💕

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50 After 50

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1030 Colborne Street East Unit 30

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N3S 3T6