Susan Herrmann
Solutions by Sue Joined February 4, 2018
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As your personal organizer, I help those looking for help in making their life a little less cluttered. Whether a big or small area, I can help you see the potential your space has, help you get organized and ideas to keep you organized. A new year, a new you. Make your space an enjoyable one no matter which room you are in. I have moved 7 times in 14 years and downsized twice. There are many hard decision to make when trying to get organized and declutter. I have been there many times so I know the time and effort it takes. What fits in one house may not fit in another. Even if you have lived in the same space for many years, things have a way of multiplying until you decide enough is enough. This is where you call me to help!. I am a Trained Professional Organizer and a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) Visit my website for all the services I offer.
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