Gissele Taraba from Maitri Centre for Love Compassion
Maitri9999 Joined January 29, 2021
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My name is Gissele Taraba and I am owner of Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion. I have an MSW as well as a Masters in Epidemiology. Recently I did my MSW on organizational compassion. Maitri: We are a social enterprise interested in creating a more compassionate world. This dream begins with each and everyone one of us. That is why we are committed to helping ourselves and you to experience more love and compassion in your daily lives. We offer self-love and self-compassion courses, as well as work with organizations to increase the level of organizational compassion. We also conduct research as well as produce the Love and Compassion Podcast with Gissele Taraba. This free podcast enables us to have conversations around how to be more compassionate towards ourselves, others, and those who are hurtful.

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Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion

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89 Fourth Concession Rd. RR1,

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